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Cylinder Liner  -
Cyliner Liners are Centrifugally casted, shell casted with close grained cast iron. Cylinder liners are duly heat treated. Cylinder bores are cross honned and diameters are properly ground finished to achieve the highest level of accuracy.

Piston , Piston Pin and Piston Ring Set
Pressure die casted, gravity die casted, shell molded pistons are made out of aluminum alloys, graded closed grained cast iron. Piston rings are individually centrifugally casted out of high grade cast iron materials.Models available off shelf:

Crankshafts are made out of carbon steel, cast steel, S.G. iron materials through Die Forgings, Open Forgings, Shell Castings procedures. Crankshafts are case hardened, statically and dynamically balanced, fine ground finished to achieve the highest level of accuracy

Connecting Rod
Connecting rods are made from aluminum alloys, carbon steel, bronze, S.G. iron by process of die forgings, die castings, gravity die castings, shell mouldings and are duly heat treated. Connecting rods with integral bearings are available in under sizes also.

Valve Plates and Spring Plate
Valve plates of different designs are manufactured as per OEM'S specifications made out of carbon steel, S.G. iron castings, graded closed grained cast iron etc. and properly ground to fine finish for immediate matching with the related components. Valve assemblies are manufactured in different designs viz., reed type, ring type, concentric type, channel type, dampened disc type. Valve assemblies are made out of stainless steel, carbon steel , S.G. iron etc. Valve plates are made out of flapper valve steel, spring steel. Valve seats and valve plates are micro lapping finish to ensure zero leakage.

Shaft Seal
Speacially designed for preventing Refrigerants and oil leakages.

Oil Pump
A wide range of oil pumps are manufactured for different types of compressors having precision cut gears as per OEM's specifications. Part components of oil pumps are also available as per requirements.

A wide range of variously designed strainers, oil filters and filter bags are manufactured for suction line, oil line, hydraulic line, etc. Strainers are made from G. I. wire netting and sheets, having stainless steel filtration media according to designed specifications depending upon their applications.
Also,Gaskets are of different natures, made out of asbestos, non-asbestos, PTFE, rubber, copper, aluminum, halide and paper, etc., according to OEM's specifications. The materials are selected according to their specific applications.

C.R. Bearing
Main Bearing
Materials-Aluminum, Bronze, White Metal / Babbitt. Engineered to exact OEM specifications. Assuring exact OEM bearing crush and operation clearance. Controlled finishes and plating. Assuring ideal conditions for proper operation of new bearings.

Gasket Set
O-ring set
Gaskets are available in loose or in Kits for compressors in Nonasbestos material all gaskets are die cut.
O rings Neoprene,silicon viton as per requirements in loose as well as kits

Refrigeration Controls and Indicators
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